About Us

Vanessa Gordon Travel and Taste Magazine
Travel & Taste Magazine, founded in January 2020 by Vanessa Gordon, is an elevated online publication covering destinations all over the world with a focus on food & culture with a refined angle. The publication is divided into two categories: TRAVEL and TASTE. Travel focuses on destination highlights, travel trends, hotels, castles, and chateaux. Taste encompasses on international restaurant trends, food culture, wineries, distilleries, and more around the globe. 
Particularly notable is the Ask A Local column, a unique experience to dive into and learn about different cities and regions all around the world through the perspective of hand-selected longtime locals.

Travel & Taste targets those that hone a love for travel and the desire to discover and learn about unique locations from the inside out. 

Travel & Taste Magazine is the sister publication of East End Taste Magazine, LLC.